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Fasten Lonako LED boat light -

Fasten Lonako LED boat light

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Waterproof LED lighting white with integrated lithium-ion battery, which charges itself when used by the sun (including remote control).

The light offers you protection and ensures your visibility even in the dark of the night. The own position of the boat is visible by the use of the lamp for the environment in the water. This can be very important especially for flat boats such as kayaks.

To be allowed to drive on the water at night, lighting in some waters is mandatory. All parts of the lamp are made of anti-UV PMMA and can therefore withstand any weather long.

On the bottom of the lamp there are 2 buttons: the red edged 'Power On/Off' button turns the lamp on and off and the silver edged button 'Function Switch' switches the different functions by pressing the button several times.

Function: white LEDs light up 4 times fast in a row. Used to display the position
Function: white LEDs flash in beat. (Similar to function 1 only, that now the LEDs do not light up 4 times fast)
Function: SOS the white light emits an SOS sign.
Function: all white LEDs light up constantly.
Function:Lamp will be flared Off.
There is a function that emits SOS light signals in an emergency (3rd function) in case of emergency and need help.

The functions can also be switched on using the included remote control. If the lamp is switched off via the red border button, it cannot be switched on again via the remote control. In order to be able to switch it on with the remote control, the lamp must be switched to the 5th Function off with the remote control or with the silver edged button.

The lamp has a 360°